About Writer

1. Full Name                                             Anugrah Pratama Yoga
2. Nickname                                  :           Yoga
3. Place, tgl.Lahir                          :           Sukoharjo, December 13, 1999
4. Tribes                                        :           Java

5. Address                                     :           JL. Mampang Prapatan II no. 22

            Urban Village                              Mampang Prapatan
            Subdistrict                         :           Mampang Prapatan
            District                               :           South Jakarta
            Provincial                          :           DKI Jakarta
6.Blog/Web                                   :           Sciinformation.blogspot.com
7. Work                                         :           STUDENT at SMAN 28 Jakarta
8. Hobbies                                    :           Play guitar, Badminton, Music, Do the physic problem
9. Educational History
         a. SD                                    :            SDN 05 Mampang Prapatan
         b. Junior high school            :            SMPN 43 Jakarta
         c. High School                                :            SMAN 28 Jakarta
10. Work History                           :            -

The goal is to make this blog I want to share the knowledge I have all this time with you all though I was less frequent updating this blog, but please understand. My future goals actually are not too high but the important thing is success. I never thought about how much money I get from my future goals, but success that became the main objective. The principle of my life is actually much but I took the simplest course is "if you have a goal, never give up to reach it."
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